UsedFone Price Promise

We pay the MOST for broken devices – Period!

As we are a specialist iPhone and iPad recycler and repairer we can pay the most for your broken devices.

Seen a better price? – Let us know we will beat it! – And give you a better, quicker service!

– We beat prices from all major established recyclers, we don’t compare our prices to fly by night pop up recyclers that offer high prices to lure you in and then offer you half the amount once they have your device!

Contact us if you have seen another recycler offering a higher price for your broken device!

We are very different to 99% of the other phone recyclers out there!

This is why:

1)  We pay exactly what we offer!

We DON’T offer you a high price to sucker you in and downgrade prices for made up reasons once we have your device! – The price we offer is the price we pay!*

*As long as you actually send the correct device in the right condition!!! Someone sold us a £1000 iPhone XSMax last week, then sent us a iPhone 5c that was worth £14…. (They got paid £14!)

2)  We DON’T downgrade prices!

We DON’T downgrade the price we offer you for cosmetic marks to your device! – Scratches and marks are normal on a used iPhone or iPad so we don’t offer you less for them!

3)  We pay the postage to get your device to us:

We don’t use the normal untrackable no insurance Freepost that other recyclers do. We use either fully tracked / insured to £100 or Royal Mail Special Delivery Next day insured up to £500 (or more if you send us a really expensive device). 

4)  Testing:

When you send us a device to buy from you when it arrives and we open it to test we video the testing of it. Then if it fails testing we send you the video to show what the device failed in the testing. As we DON’T make up fake reasons for faults with your device the video will show you an actual fault! – Read other recyclers 1* Trustpilot negative feedback, theres 1000’s of feedbacks claiming faults with a device and an offer of a lower price. The customer gets it returned and theres no fault whatsover!