Q1) Do you buy lost / stolen / blacklisted / network barred devices?

– Absolutely not. This is illegal and we won’t buy them. We use www.checkmend.com to check devices, if the device you send is registered as barred / lost / stolen we will not pay for them. You will then have 30 days to remove any network barring after this we will recycle the device for £0. If during this time the police / insurance company / original owner requests the device then we will comply with this.


Q2) Do you buy devices locked to iCloud?

– Yes as long as they are legally your devices to own and sell. iCloud devices that are in lost / stolen / erase mode we won’t pay for these and they will be returned to you (or the rightful owner). iCloud can be removed remotely by the device / iCloud owner so there is no reason for it to be iCloud locked if its yours. iCloud locked devices that can legally paid for will be at the “No power” rate and will only be used for parts. There will be a full audit trail available for every iCloud device bought and used.


Q3) Do you buy broken / no power devices?

– Absolutely, we love broken and no power devices.


Q4) Who pays the postage for us sending the device to you?

– We pay for either tracked insured upto £100 or Royal Mail Special delivery Insured upto £500 or you can arrange a courier to send it to us (Which we also pay for!)


Q5) How do you pay for the device we send you?

– We pay by same day instant bank transfer! or if you want to wait an extra 7 days we will pay you an extra £5!


Q6) What happens if my device isn’t as described / a different model etc?

– If your device is a different model and price to the one you sold though the website then after we test it we will contact you and let you know. We will explain what’s wrong and tell you any price difference. You can either accept the different or we can return the device to you for free.